Welcome to Cupcakes v Calories

Welcome to Cupcakes v Calories – a blog about all things health, fitness and lifestyle related. I have spent the last eighteen months overhauling my health and well being and by doing so I have shed 51 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes. I have taken myself out of the overweight bmi and I am now sitting comfortably in the healthy range. From a teenager I have struggled with my weight and never had the willpower to lose it, no matter how hard I tried to. I am a classic comfort eater and have always found I turn to sugary treats when I’m having a bad day. There is nothing more comforting than a fat wedge of chocolate cake smothered in icing. The good thing about the way I lost weight is nothing is restricted. You can have a little of what you fancy (even that chocolate cake!) which means no cravings and a higher success rate. What I am following is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. There is so much information out there about what we should and shouldn’t be eating and it can be confusing and over whelming. I am making this blog with the purpose of sharing my tips for what worked for me. I am going to try out healthier versions of recipes I love on pinterest and report the findings back to you. I am going to share the exercise routines I am currently undertaking and most of all I am going to offer encouragement. 

My latest challenge that I am going to start on Wednesday 18th is to cut all added sugar out of my diet for 30 days and share the results with you. I have a major sweet tooth and I would happily gorge on chocolate for breakfast if I could get away with it. It is going to be tough to give it up for 30 days, but I am armed with the information and ready. I realise this might be a contradiction to my previous statement about being able to eat cake, however this is a 30 day experiment I am doing to see what effect sugar does on our bodies and I will be looking at recipes for alternative sugar free/naturally sweetened cakes. 

I must also add that I am not a nutritional advisor, fitness trainer or qualified in advising you what you should eat. I am sharing what has worked for me and any information I give I have researched thoroughly beforehand. 

If you are looking to lose weight or get in shape or even just make healthier choices then follow my blog and we can support and encourage each other along the way. 

My first tip for you is to start right now, don’t put it off until tomorrow, next week or after your birthday – do it now! You will already be one day ahead.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Cupcakes v Calories

  1. celtics345 says:

    This would be good for me I love gf marshmellow squares. I want to cut down on my ordering out and treats. I’ll at least put limits up. My blood sugars are better. I struggled for a bit triggered by a stressful event eating unhealthy. But I am better writing a musical wrote half a musical yesterday 26 songs 70 pgs pretty cool keeps my mind off eating!


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