Day 1 of my sugar-free challenge

I am a sugar addict. Nothing makes me happier than dessert – not even kidding! It can be light fluffy cake, squidgy cookies, dense gooey brownies, crumbly pies, creamy ice cream, pudding… to sum it up anything diabetes-inducing appeals to me. I am that person that stands at a confectionery aisle in the supermarket meticulously deciding what sweet I want, the way other people pick up fruit and squeeze it and smell is exactly me – just with chocolate. I couldn’t even pick a favourite chocolate bar because I love them all in their own sugary way – in fact, I don’t think there is a sweet out there that I don’t like.
However, there has been a lot in the news recently about the dangers of us eating too much sugar. The main reason is due to the fact we don’t really know how much sugar is in our foods. I recently started looking into it I wasn’t aware myself just how much food we think is okay and healthy for is actually laden with sugar. As you can imagine my addiction has me consuming a whopping amount of sugar daily and I can’t help but worry about the damage it is doing to my body. So today is the day I cut out all added and refined sugar and limit my intake of natural sugars. I don’t want to cut out fruit or vegetables with natural sugar in them as then I would be limiting my vitamin intake. Along with the hidden/refined sugar, I’m also switching white rice, pasta, flour etc to wholewheat versions. Swapping simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. The simple carbs found in the white processed food acts in the same way to sugar in our bodies. It gives us an instant high as our sugar levels spike, but then it quickly lowers and you are left hungry and craving more. Complex carbohydrates, the wholewheat or brown varieties, keep our sugar levels at a steady rate and therefore keep us fuller for longer and makes us less likely to binge on the bad foods.

I’ve heard the horror stories about the dreaded sugar withdrawal and I have pre warned anyone likely to come in contact with me for the next few days that I may not be my usual high-on-sugar self. I think it will take every ounce of willpower I have to push through the cravings and not cave in and gorge on sweet treats. Sugar is allegedly as addictive as cocaine, so it’s no wonder that companies are filling our foods with the evil white stuff – sugar I mean, not the class A drug!

Today’s meal plan has been a bit hit and miss. I found myself in the supermarket this morning having to read the labels on everything and I spent the majority of my time putting things back on the shelf. Who knew that there is added sugar in peanut butter!? In my post tomorrow I will share my meal plan for today and include any recipes.

If you are interested in following me on twitter, facebook and instagram the links are all below. I’ll be uploading recipes and photos regularly as I drag myself through this challenge.

And so now it begins, the 17th February isn’t that far away, right? Is it bad that I already want chocolate??


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