Day 2 Sugar-free

I survived! I made it through my first day of being sugar-free, in fact it actually felt easy, until I had eaten my dinner. I realise I have got into the bad habit of having something sweet after my dinner – 9 times out of 10 it will be a sugar laden treat. The need for something sweet hit me straight away. I became fidgety and agitated. I searched the cupboards at least 10 (more like 100) times eager to find something to satisfy my cravings. I guess it shows just how additive it is if I struggle to go 24 hours without thinking about sugar. Apart from that the only other thing I noticed was I had a constant hunger for the rest of the evening. It felt as though I hadn’t eaten in hours. I ended up having a kiwi fruit, but it did little to relieve the huger or the cravings nor did the three cups of green I had!
I definitely feel as though I have the willpower to see it through for the whole 30 days – currently writing this staring lovingly at a opened pack of chocolate hobnobs sitting on the coffee table (husbands, not mine). I’m surprised that I don’t feel tempted to take one – and of course I’m not sitting here imagining how it tastes… not one bit…

I’ll share my meal plan with you for yesterday, it’s a little carb heavy but it is the right kinds of carbs.

Breakfast – Peanut butter on wholemeal toast (check peanut butter for sugar!)

Lunch – Chicken and houmous sandwich on wholemeal bread and a babybel

Dinner – Home made turkey burger in a wholemeal bun, crispy kale and sweet potato wedges.

Snacks – Kiwi fruit

Today’s plan is to hit the supermarket again and look for alternative snacks and lunch ideas – this will involve a lot of reading! Also going to try and dig out some pre-weightloss photos to compare alongside recent photos of me and upload them over the weekend so you can see just how good Nutracheck is. Today I am currently feeling weak, not sure if it too soon for the sugar withdrawal symptoms?? I will update tomorrow on how it goes.

Have a great sugar free day all :mrgreen:


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