Day 6 – Dreaming of a chocolate world

Day 6 of being sugar free – dreaming of living in a world made of chocolate
A place I would love to live in right now, cute little cottages constructed of various types of chocolate with Kit-Kat picket fences. Tall trees made from a Cadbury Flake (Ooo Cadbury – just remembered it’s Creme Egg season!) and Aero mint bubbles gracing its branches. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a silky brown chocolatey river flowing through the town with an endless supply of drinkable chocolate… In case you haven’t noticed, chocolate is the only thing I can think of right now, I can’t get it out of my head. It’s true what they say, forbidden food is much more tempting. So day 6 and the withdrawal symptoms have really hit me hard today. I find myself going off into little dazes thinking about my favourite chocolate bars and how they feel when you bite them. The textures, the smooth sweet chocolate, I can almost taste them… I need help! I have heard a lot about the dreaded sugar withdrawal and I was hoping that my addiction wouldn’t be that bad so maybe I may avoid the symptoms but no…

Current Symptoms

  • Intense Hunger – I’m not just talking about feeling a little peckish, I’m talking about full on, ravenous, don’t feel like I’ve eaten for a week kind of hunger. No matter how much food I put in, it doesn’t seem to satisfy. My body is hungry for sugar and it won’t stop until it gets some.
  • Irritable / Agitation – I feel annoyed for absolutely no reason and I can’t seem to shake it. One minute I am fine and the next I turn into a sugar-starved crazy person! I’m annoyed that companies make the choice to pack so much sugar into our foods that I can longer eat anything. I’m even annoyed at that picture on my wall that isn’t hanging straight!
  • Cravings – Ahh the cravings. Don’t think I need to go into detail with this one. I tried to trick my cravings into feeding it some bad food in the form of crisps but nearly every packet in the shops contained some sort of sugar. Crisps have sugar in them! I had to settle for a flavoursome pack of ready salted crisps – didn’t help my craving one bit.
  • Sluggish / Low energy – Everything I do feels like an effort. It takes every bit of energy just to convince myself to move from the sofa. I could quite happily sleep for roughly a week without even thinking about it.
  • Shaky hands – My hands have been shaking and feeling weak, not that different from an alcoholic or a drug addict who hasn’t had their fix.
  • Bloating / Nausea – My stomach has been feeling bloated the last couple of days, making me feel plumper and uncomfortable. I’ve read this could be a change in my diet with all the extra fruit and vegetables I have been eating.

So apart from that I’m feeling great and asking myself ‘why am I doing this?’ People keep telling me it will get better and all the symptoms will pass, could be my agitation, but it’s really not helpful advice. The crazy sugar starved person is back, what I meant to say is I’m grateful for people’s support, advice and encouragement….

How do I cope and not cave in?

  • Eat low GI fruit and vegetables just to taste a little bit of sweetness.
  • Peppermint tea – Good for suppressing your appetite and if you concentrate really hard it almost takes like a liquefied Murray mint – SWEET!
  • Exercise – Difficult to get motivated, but just 30 minutes of strength training was enough to give me an energy boost and lift my mood – for a while anyway.
  • Distraction – Hobbies, read a book, play a video game, get busy with your fingers, anything to take your mind off sugar. Paint your nails, it’s harder to eat chocolate without hands or brush your teeth.

That’s all the advice I have right now, apart from keep at it. It’s hard and you will wonder why you are doing it (my thoughts right now!) but I do believe I will feel better for it. I have taken my measurements and made a mental note of my skin condition and I hope I see an improvement. I’ve also heard that after quitting sugar you no longer enjoy the taste of it – definitely don’t see that happening. I am already planning the food that I am going to eat as soon as the 30 days are up. So 6 days down and 24 to go…… I can do this! 🍨🍦🍩🍰🍫🍫🍫🍫


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