Almost Half-Way Through

Day 13 Sugar free
It has been a whole five days since I last blogged and updated you on my quest to be sugar free. I have noticed quite a big change in those five days. I’m finding it less of a struggle and it is beginning to feel like normal not reaching for sweet stuff. It is tough finding sweet alternatives, but coconut, greek yogurt, fruit and sweet potatoes have helped a lot!

Chocolate Who?

I haven’t thought of chocolate. I haven’t envisioned myself gorging on fistfuls of the stuff. In fact I watched someone eat a bar of Dairy Milk (in a completely non-creepy way) and all I could think of was the amount of sugar they were putting into their body. For some reason I am seeing beyond the creamy, inviting, milk chocolate shell and seeing the hidden nasties inside. It is kind of like the poisoned apple in Snow White – it is shiny and juicy, but inside is the wicked poison – looks can definitely be deceiving! As a self proclaimed chocoholic, I think I may be broken! Can my lifetime addiction to chocolate really be fixed in a mere 14 days?

Better Choices

I am consciously making better food choices. I have always eaten what I want whilst losing weight – in smaller portions of course. I am a big foodie, I love to try new foods and my collection of recipes torn out of magazines or printed from online is ever growing. I was always partial to white carbohydrates, pizza, chips, cake, biscuits, but now I find I don’t miss them that much. It is still early days and I’m not saying that I won’t crave a big cheesy pizza and fries on a Saturday night, but for now I’m content with my healthier alternatives.

Full of Energy

I have noticed that recently I have been full of energy. I have been able to get out of bed, rather than wishing the alarm would hold off for another half an hour. I have been more motivated to workout and I feel like I have more stamina. Sugar-laden food gives us an instant high but then leaves us feeling sluggish and I think that is what has caused my constant tiredness. I was having a mid afternoon energy slump and that is when I would crave the sugary food, but now I am full through till dinner. I go to bed and I wake up feeling refreshed.

So far I feel good about being sugar-free. I feel my body is benefiting from it. It was definitely a struggle to begin with and the cravings were really tough to ignore, but I do feel it was worth it. Just 13 days in and I can feel and notice the difference. I recommend anyone to try it, you have nothing to lose. Even if you can only do it for 30 days and then go back on the sugar – hopefully your body might realise you don’t need as much of it. Cancer Research UK are starting a challenge through the whole of February to quit sugar. It doesn’t have to be all sugar, you could try cutting out certain things like chocolate, cake or skipping that sugar in your tea and coffee. To help with the motivation you can raise money whilst you are doing it. Definitely a good reason to give up sugar.


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