Day 21 Sugar-free and Sugar-free Snacks

I have now been sugar-free for three whole weeks and it has become normal to not eat sugary foods. I can’t believe that no chocolate has passed my lips in that time, I am pretty sure that I have never gone this long without chocolate before. One thing that does still irritate me is the lack of choices I now have when I go to the supermarket. This weekend we had people over: one fussy eater, a vegan and a carnivore. Combine that with my no sugar diet and as you can imagine it was a bit of a nightmare trying to find a dinner suitable for all of us. I’ve noticed a lot of vegan friendly food is pumped full of sugar. I do miss the days of grabbing a frozen pizza and wedges when I couldn’t be bothered to cook – that isn’t an option anymore… I have to cook!
Whilst looking for vegan friendly foods, I stumbled across Alpro’s almond and hazelnut milks. Out of curiosity I checked the sugar content and was pretty surprised by my findings. It is actually full of sugar – another product that I assumed was ‘healthy’. Sugar is listed on both of them as the second largest ingredient with water being the first. The nut was actually the third, so there is more sugar than nut in the nut milk which is a bit ironic. The list of ingredients is labelled on products by order of quantity, so if sugar is high on the list – avoid! With the nut milks it is best to opt for the unsweetened variety.

Today I thought I would share some snacks that can help beat those sugary cravings, I have found all of these very useful.

  • YogurtObviously check for added sugar, I generally have the full fat Greek style yogurt. It is very thick and creamy and is great topped with berries or your choice of fruit. It feels like a luxury dessert to me now.
  • Fresh fruit saladFruit has natural occurring sugars, but these sugars are much better for us than added sugar – not all sugar is equal! Strawberries in season can be lovely and sweet and certainly satisfies those cravings. I also find honeydew melon has a delicate sweetness to it when fully ripe.
  • CoconutI recently bought a fresh coconut for the first time when I was craving something sweet and I was at a loss at what to buy. It really did help, the first sip of coconut water was delicious with a delicate sweetness. The flesh also has sweetness to it along with a creamy taste. Coconut water can be bought separately but make sure you check for added sugar, always get the 100% pure coconut water.
  • Banana Ice CreamIf you haven’t heard of this one ingredient banana ice cream then you have seriously been missing out! Get some bananas that are turning brown, cut them into slices and freeze. When frozen, blend the slices up in a food processor and it magically turns inot the texture of soft scoop ice cream. You can get a bit inventive and add peanut butter, cocoa powder or just top with fruit – although it is delicious on its own.
  • Frozen GrapesI was apprehensive at first, but now I love frozen grapes. It’s similar to to a grape flavoured ice lolly just in bite-size with a nice burst of sweetness to it. They kind of taste like they shouldn’t be healthy – but they are! I am yet to try freezing the candy floss flavoured grapes.
  • Sweet Freedom Choc ShotThis last one is my most recent discovery, I didn’t believe at first that there was no added sugar in it. It is naturally sweetened using apple, grape and carob extracts. It is a chocolate syrup that has a variety of uses. You can add it to milk to make either hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake. It can be drizzled over porridge, fruit, ice cream, pancakes , yogurt… the possibilities are endless. I am going to try it tomorrow over some two ingredient sugar free pancakes. If it goes well I’ll share the recipes. Hands down the best discovery so far.

I would love to hear your fixes for sugar cravings, let me know what sugar-free snacks you indulge on.

Just nine days now until I weigh myself and re take my measurements after being sugar free for 30 days. I feel slimmer, less bloated and my skin does look a bit clearer. I saw my brother this weekend and the first thing he said to me was: “Have you lost more weight?” Definitely my favourite sibling!


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